Monday, 31 December 2012


New Year's Eve, 2012. 

I haven't written a post in ages and to make up for it I'm letting you in on a secret regarding how cool I am: I'm writing one now; I'm not an a party; I'm not shit-faced. I'm writing a blog post. And (as my students would say) what? As a complete sentence, obvs. And what? You need to to do the eyebrows and the hand gesture to go with it, to really convey the sentiment. 

I'm having a wicked evening. And by writing this blog post now, I'm actually making myself feel more relaxed. Cos not writing one for such a long time has meant that I keep putting off writing one, because there's a list of about seven posts I've half written on the bus in my head that I want to write before I write the next one. But screw it. It's the end of the year, and one of my resolutions will definitely be to write more on here. So, this is the segue post. I bloody love the word segue.  

NYE is a time to reflect. Whether we want to or not. And despite being 25, I've reflected that it's OK that I'm spending the evening with my beautiful girlfriend, having an indoor picnic of tasty treats, and playing with the cats. Rather than lashing it large. We might even have a bath later and read some Caitlin Moran. And watch Jools. There's alcohol in the cupboard if we're feeling extravagant. And did I mention there are CATS. Jasper and Jessie, the newest addition to the family. They're rescue cats and a bit mental, but hey, that just means they fit in. Although none of our family have a penchant for hiding under beds, going and sitting in the bath at every opportunity (oh, except maybe Gem - being clean is one of her favourite things; sometimes I think she prefers long, hot baths to me. And I know she prefers baby animals), and licking plastic bags. I think the second parenthesis was really important in that last sentence; she's Miss Fox, not A fox.   

My mum bought us treats from M&S (feeling guilty, I think, that she's got a more active social life than us) and we're in a house where there's heating and everything. We are lucky. We are. I've got a cold, which I've given to Gem, and once it's turned midnight we might go to bed, but right now I'm happy. She's got a job in the new year; I've got ten. I need to sort out my work-sanity balance, but that's a job for tomorrow onwards.

So, I'll being saying HELLO TWENTY THIRTEEN (is that what we're calling it? Has the consensus been reached?) with Gem, Jessie, Jasper and Jools - which almost entirely alliterates!!! What could be better?

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