Saturday, 11 May 2013


Having been told by Miss Fox that I do too many jobs where I use the phrase 'victims of multi-perpetrator rape and sexual violence' and not enough jobs where I bring home free goodies, I spent last weekend (and shall most likely spend the next two weekends in May) working up and down the country as a Bearded Kitten. Which is not a euphemism for anything remotely dodgy, but actually a jolly company offering 'Interactive Entertainment for Events and Marketing'. Meow.

So, off to Blenheim Palace I skittered to work at the Joyville funfair, to advertise two of the new Marvellous Creations chocolate bars. I won't give away my best lines, but most of them use the word 'marvellous'. Marvellous. Although I kept forgetting myself and trying to move into some kind of social theatre or philosophical commentary about joy, reciprocity and wellbeing. Or trying to expand young children's vocabulary by making them list synonyms for marvellous whilst they queued. Then I remembered where I was and just carried on jumping up and down in an exceptionally frivolous way and giving out chocolate. 

The Fox was very pleased, as not only did I bring home with me an obscene amount of chocolate, she also got to laugh at my stylish purple attire...

Like I said:" Meow!

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