Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Explaining Applied Theatre at the Job Centre....

Advisor: So, you're a Drama teacher?

Me: No, not exactly. I'm not a qualified teacher.

Advisor: Have you thought about any further education or training? A PGCE is just one year.

Me: I know. But I just finished my Masters about a month ago. I don't really want to do a PGCE just now. I mean, maybe in the future, or in a few years I'd perhaps like to go into lecturing... I don't know.

Advisor: So are you looking for university lecturing jobs?

Me: No. No, certainly not right now.

Advisor: And you're not a Drama teacher?

Me: No, it's more like...entering into a dialogue with different community groups, not exactly teaching them... Using Drama to build personal and social skills, or for social change.... or.......[tails off, over compensating with arm gestures]

Advisor: Right [sounding either dubious or confused - or both].
So it's quite specific then...

Me: Yes.

Advisor: OK. Well, I'll do a job search for you [turns to computer....a minute later]. So, we've got a senior lecturing job at UCL, in Philosophy.

Me: On £45k? I don't think I'm really trained for that...

Advisor: Or something to do with programming systems at LSE.

Me: Economics? That's not really my field...

Advisor: Or you could be a Youth Worker?

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