Thursday, 3 November 2011

First things first

This week I started two new jobs, running my first workshops for both Outside Edge Theatre Company and Attic Theatre Company.

Outside Edge Theatre Company work with diverse groups affected by substance misuse, and the group I run is a ‘drop-in’ group, held once a month at Munster Road Substance Misuse Day Programme. I had been once before, last month, for a ‘hand-over’ session with the existing facilitator (the wonderful Jamie Wilcox, who has sadly returned to the US), and again found everyone very welcoming and willing to participate; we had (I hope) a really positive session – both thoughtful and fun. In fact, there were some really insightful contributions, and we worked at quite a reflective pace. I’m looking forward to next month, and only sad I won’t be seeing them more often.

Then yesterday I had my first session working for Attic Theatre Company on their ‘Many Voices – The Refugee Project’.  I am co-running (with the wonderful John Morales) a drama group at The Link Centre at Bishopsford School in Merton for young migrants, mostly unaccompanied minors.  The first session yesterday went really well, with just a small group of 13-15 year old boys (we’ll hopefully have more next week, perhaps including some girls), who are from a mix of ethnic backgrounds and nationalities and mostly have very low levels of English.  I’m really looking forward to these workshops, and was particularly heartened by one of the boys at the end of the session (who had initially been very reserved) saying he didn’t want to go to lunch as he wanted to keep doing Drama!

With both of those under my belt, I wonder what else I can do for the first time this week… Perhaps I'll join the masses and lose my Twitter virginity...      

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